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Career Solutions develops award winning career guidance software tools to help people make well considered career decisions and achieve satisfaction and prosperity in today's complex and rapidly changing world of work.

Career Solutions software is the tool of choice for discerning career and life development professionals in schools, colleges, universities, organisations, government departments, private practices and community unemployment programs.

Career Solutions career software:

  • Awarded the Australian Association of Career Counsellors and New Hobson's Press Excellence Award.
  • Accelerates and maximises career professional effectiveness and positive end user outcomes.
  • Facilitates positive break-throughs for "at risk" young people, "dissatisfied" adults, and all other career decision makers from teenagers to twilighters.
  • Develops the understanding, skills and knowledge to enable people to make well informed career decisions and to develop the action planning steps needed to realise those goals.
  • Incorporates exploration and understanding of multiple personal, relationship and contextual influences, consistent with a holistic approach.
  • Generates likely compatible industries, career clusters, occupations, occupation specialisation and career combination themes.
  • Is up-to-date, comprehensive, holistic and fully integrated career software - which is necessary for today's complex and rapidly changing world of work.
  • Encourages a learning approach and creative/innovative/enterprising attitudes.
  • Enhances self-understanding, and promotes self-empowerment and commitment to achieving work and life goals.
  • Enjoys wide acceptance in the Australian context (over 1000 sites).
  • International use includes New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates.
  • Enables career and life development professionals to really make a difference.

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