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Award Winning Computer Assisted Career Development and Career Counselling Tools

What is CAREER SOLUTIONS all about?
We develop time efficient and cost effective career software tools, and career counselling processes, to assist counsellors, careers advisors, and other career professionals in their people development work.

Our Career Development software tools and processes are integrated, holistic, self-empowering and future oriented.

We research, design and customise career guidance and counselling software for a wide diversity of career counselling professionals.

We offer holistic career counselling services which enhance self-understanding, promote self-empowerment, and facilitate a person's work and life fulfilment journey.

We are an interdisciplinary team, integrating the best of "high touch" and "high tech" skills and understandings.

We are a highly trained and experienced team of professionals and practitioners. Our formal qualifications include Psychology, Counselling, Human Resources, Training, Teaching, Engineering, Science, Information Technology, and Business.

Our careers experience spans more than 18 years. We serve over 700 customers, encompassing large, medium and small corporations, government departments, universities, technical colleges, schools, community projects, career consultants, and private career practitioners. Our tools are used in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

What makes CAREER SOLUTIONS different?
We employ an integrated, holistic and inter-disciplinary approach to people development. We facilitate individuals and groups of people to become the best and most fulfilled they can become. We use the best of "high touch" and "high tech" processes and resources. We encourage people to learn how to create satisfying futures. Exploration of current and possible career combinations, and ways to facilitate planned happenstance are included. We employ leading edge career theory and our products feature an innovative and unique career combinations approach.

Who benefits from CAREER SOLUTIONS expertise?
Individuals are encouraged to explore possibilities, and learn how to create satisfying work and life futures in a context of rapid change and uncertainty.
Our computer assisted tools, and counsellor training, assists career professionals to provide the most up-to-date, and effective career development assistance for individuals and groups. We are continually working with people and career developers in large, medium and small organisations, government departments, universities, technical colleges, schools, community projects, and with career consultants and private career practitioners.

Computer Assisted Career Development and Career Counselling Tools:

Self Marketing Software:

The CAREER SOLUTIONS team also offer:
Career Counselling and Career Coaching Training
Counselling Training
Career Counselling Services (One-on-One Counselling and Coaching)
Career Development Workshops and Workbooks
Conference Presentations
Leadership and Team Building Development
Conflict Resolution and Mediation

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