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New Directions is the most powerful, comprehensive, holistic and fully integrated career counselling tool. Its power is most obvious and appreciated when working with difficult and/or "at risk" clients. New Directions can achieve major break-throughs in one in-depth career counselling session. The New Directions report is used as a non-threatening but comprehensive and enlightening focus for understanding self and discovering motivating career and life options.

New Directions includes all the benefits of CareerMate, but includes additional pathways for self employment, redeployment, rehabilitation and retirement (as well as career development).

New Directions is designed to be used by career professionals in private practice, organisational, educational and community settings. Its multiple pathways, which are activated by age and personal circumstances, caters for all adults, and also has pathways suitable for school students, school leavers and graduates.

Self understanding is enhanced through analysis of education and work history, skills, interests, personality, values, aspirations, personal circumstances and other influences. Career exploration is facilitated through exploration of likely compatible Industries, Career Clusters, Occupations, Occupation Specialisations and Career Combinations. It is usually the discovery of career combinations, based on a person's unique combination of strengths and preferences, that ignites the inner passion of clients. This is particularly important for clients who are experiencing difficulties, uncertainty and/or are deemed to be "at risk". These discoveries usually result in break-through changes in motivation, a willingness and commitment to develop realistic and achieveable action plans, and to work co-operatively with others to achieve their goals.

The New Directions report acts as a focus for discussion and helps a person to better understand their own strengths and preferences. Possible consistencies and inconsistencies between personal strengths, preferences, circumstances and options are highlighted.

How does New Directions work?

First the New Directions computer program is completed (takes about 60 minutes). It is colourful, well structured, and easy-to-use. The program walks you through your background and helps you to identify your unique combination of strengths and preferences.

Self understanding is enhanced through analysis of education, work history, skills, interests, personality, values, aspirations, personal circumstances, and external influences.

Likely compatible Industries, Career Clusters, Occupations, Occupation Specialisations and Career Combinations are explored to facilitate well informed decision making.

A detailed but easy-to-read New Directions report is generated. The report outlines the findings of the self understanding, career exploration and career decision making processes. The report also notes any inconsistencies between personal strengths and preferences, and career option preferences. The report is used as a shared focus for the career counselling session. The counselling skills of the career counsellor, together with the experience of completing the New Directions computer program, and having the New Directions report as a focus, creates a non-threatening, creative learning environment in which to unfold a person's story about their background, strengths, preferences, dreams and aspirations, and influences on their decision making.

As part of the career counselling session a detailed action plan is developed with the client. To facilitate commitment and progress tracking it is also recommended that the client later completes and regularly updates the Action Planner computer program supplied with New Directions.

New Directions Benefits:

  • TIME EFFICIENT - Completion of the computer program (approximately 60 minutes) and one in-depth career counselling session are very time efficient means of achieving positive break-throughs with difficult, uncertain and/or "at risk" clients. The focus with New Directions is about helping people to understand and discover their unique strengths and preferences, and also how the integration of these attributes can be positively used to achieve fulfilling career and life goals. Usually these clients have already consumed considerable human resources and have demonstrated their frustration overtly (eg. physically and/or verbally) or internally on themselves (eg. low self esteem, lack of motivation, substance abuse, poor performance). New Directions has the power to quickly convert the energy of a destructive cycle into a virtuous cycle.
  • HOLISTIC and INTEGRATED - New Directions is holistic (includes career, relationship, personal and contextual considerations), very comprehensive and is a fully integrated career guidance and counselling system.
  • COMPREHENSIVE CAREER EXPLORATION - The database includes over 3,500 career options, which cover all educational/occupational levels. New Directions facilitates the exploration of likely compatible Industries, Career Clusters, Occupations, Occupation Specialisations and Career Combinations, to ensure well considered career decision making. Career Combinations often generate the client's most satisfying career options.
  • COMPREHENSIVE CAREERMATE REPORT - A comprehensive and easy-to-follow New Directions report, including an Action Plan pro-forma, is automatically generated (in addition to a summary report for the career professional - which can be turned off if not required).
  • CAREER COUNSELLING - The report is used as a shared focus for the career counselling session, and helps the client to better understand their strengths and preferences. Any discrepancies between personal strengths, preferences, circumstances, career options, and personal goals are explored. Resources and barriers to goal attainment are also identified and explored. A detailed action career and life action plan is developed to achieve the student's/school leaver's goals.
  • ACTION PLANNER - BONUS This advanced and integrated goal setting and action planning software is supplied with New Directions. It includes goals, action planning steps (tasks), resources, barriers, contingency plans, achievement recording, and progress tracking and follow-up. Action Plans and chronological To-Do-Lists are produced. The Action Planner program also provides the career counsellor with a useful tool to follow-up and track a client's progress.
  • SELF EMPOWERMENT - New Directions is designed to encourage clients to take responsibility for their own career decision making and planning.
  • DECISION MAKING - With New Directions clients are walked through a unique process of broadening and refining their self understanding and career options, in order to arrive at well considered career and life decisions. They learn the skills needed to make well considered career decision, to set goals, and to plan action steps designed to achieve their goals.
  • MULTIPLE PATHWAYS - The program automatically follows different pathways, depending on the person's age and personal circumstances. New Directions is designed for adults and young adults 18 years plus. However, because of its multiple pathways, it can also be used with teenagers who are 15 years of age and older.
  • MANUAL - The comprehensive manual includes getting started instructions, very comprehensive one-on-one career counselling notes, and overhead projection transparency masters (now on CD).
  • PROGRESS TRACKING and FOLLOW-UP - New Directions enables career counsellors to easily and quickly produce reports of program usage and student/ client preference patterns for course/training planning, research, evaluation and follow-up purposes. Action Planner enables career counsellors to track progress towards achieving goals and tasks.
  • SOFTWARE CUSTOMISATION - Software is customised with the organisation's name appearing on the program and printout. Organisation specific information, such as the names and contact details of career personnel, and career functions and dates can be included in the New Directions report and regularly updated.
  • TRAINING - The in-depth, two-day training for career counsellors includes practical New Directions career counselling demonstration and supervised career counselling of three clients.

NEW DIRECTIONS Career Counselling Considerations

Personal Factors
Social/Contextual/ Environmental Factors
Labour Market/ Career Options
  • Biographic Information
  • School Performance
  • Qualifications
  • Future Study Plans
  • Work History
  • Skills
  • Special Talents
  • Work Conditions
  • Personal Preferences Profile (Personality)
  • Interests
  • Leisure Activities
  • Career Aspirations
  • Values
  • Drive Level
  • Self Esteem
  • Health/Disabilities
  • Stress Coping
  • Personal Circumstances
  • Gender Issues
  • Age/Experience Restrictions
  • Family Influences
  • Friends/Others
  • Commitments
  • Sport & Hobbies
  • Culture/Spirituality
  • Socio-Economic Status
  • Course Entry Requirements
  • Organisational Information
  • Networking Contacts
  • Financial Considerations
  • Political Climate
  • Economic Climate
  • Geographic Location
  • Physical Environment
  • Career Option Availability
  • Chance & Planned Happenstance
  • All occupation levels included
  • Special pathways included:
Self Employment
  • Career options:
Career Clusters
Occupation Specialisations
Job Trends
Labour Market Information
Annual Updates
Add Local Job Titles

Click below to see examples of the report generated at the end of the New Directions session (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Example One

Example Two

Within 48 hours (Australian capital cities) from receipt of a faxed or mailed Order Form (72 hours for regional areas).

The New Directions database, program and support materials are updated annually to ensure that your clients use only the most recent career information resources.

Software is customised with the organisation's name appearing on the program screens and on the report. Organisation specific statements can be included at the end of the report.

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