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Career Development Tracker (Tracker) is designed to improve the quality of career service delivery and reduce the practitioner’s administration time.

Much of the increased administration demands placed upon career practitioners relates to accountability reporting and increased links with organisations and contact people in business and the community. Tracker’s Destination Tracking function provides an efficient and effective way to update destination data and automatically produce the required reports.

Tracker’s unique search function, which caters for simultaneous multi-attribute searches, allows instant linking between students’ or clients’ interests and preferences and compatible organisations and contact people.

To enable fingertip monitoring of the career development process, Tracker allows you to instantly view and print student or client histories, add comments on-the-spot, and view and print Career Solutions career program reports, action plans and To-do-lists. Any action related to students, clients, organisations or contact people automatically appears in the practitioner’s To-do-list. Tracker is network enabled and Career Solutions career program data is automatically imported into Tracker to provide a fully integrated career development people and process management system.

Main Benefits

  • Easily update student/client progress and generate automatic destination reports.
  • Access student/client career development history, career program and action planner reports.
  • Create lists of students/clients filtered for multiple criteria.
  • Maintain contact lists for employers, industry groups etc.
  • Link students/clients with contact people and organisations.
  • Have your own To-do-list automatically generated to ensure efficient self management.

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